Follow the Previous Year’s Toppers Guideline to Get Success in JEE Advanced

IIT Kanpur has previously announced the JEE Advanced 2018 commencement date on its official website and it will be conducted on May 20th, 2018 via only online mode. As JEE Advanced 2018 dates have been announced and the board examinations are also approaching it has become very crucial for the applicants to prepare earnestly for the same. It is true that study materials, coaching classes, mock test papers will definitely work their magic but the preparation technique followed by the toppers could change the game. We have collected the preparation tips given by the previous year’s toppers and brought here for the success of JEE Adavnced 2018 applicants.

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Toppers Guideline to Get Success in JEE Advanced

According to the Toppers of 2013

The topper of JEE Adavnced 2013 with the score of 345/ 360 suggested the following preparation method for the aspirants to follow.
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  • Consider the suggestion of your teacher and prepare as they suggest.
  • Do course-wise preparation and don’t deviate from the syllabus.
  • Concentrate on studying and preparing for the examination rather than aiming to crack the examination.
  • Prepare for JEE Advanced level questions as it is harder and preparation for JEE Advance will help to cover solve JEE Advanced level questions
  • Follow NCERT rigorously
  • Practice finishing the test in 2 hrs. 45 mins
  • Avoid the use of calculator throughout Class 11th & 12th
  • Practice test series.
  • If you want to prepare extra chapters you can do it while preparing for Board examination. There is no need to prepare for JEE Main separately rather invest your time in the following topics.
  • Physics: Waves, Optics, Electromagnetics Induction
  • Chemistry: Isomerism, ionic equilibrium, thermodynamics
  • Mathematics: Complex algebra, inverse trigonometry, conic sections, definite integrals

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According to the Toppers of 2014

A topper of 2014 with the score of 355/ 360 suggested to stay calm and not to worry about the result. If you work hard and do your preparation with full concentration you will definitely achieve the goal.


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One of the high scorer with 350/ 360 score shared his preparation strategies to help the aspirants.

  • Study consistently and as much as you can, there is no limit
  • Learn to concentrate and don’t deviate from your track
  • Concentration is the key to crack the examination
  • Work on the topics you are weak in
  • Prepare the main theory
  • Make your concept clear about every topic
  • Avoid any type of calculation and other minor mistakes
  • Practice mock test series as much as you can
  • Prepare your own notes as it will help you to revise the topics before the examination
  • Be confident and don’t panic

According to the Toppers of 2015

The preparation tips, given by the toppers of JEE Main 2015 that they followed to qualify it with flying colors.

  • Take your study as fun activity don’t stress up
  • Maintain consistency and follow a systematic routine
  • Keep distance from any gadget as they consume a lot of your valuable time
  • Give equal time to each subject
  • Study regularly at school and at home as it will help you to clear your subject fundamentals
  • Set your goal clear and work hard towards it
  • Learn to utilize your time and avoid any means of distraction.
  • Focus and consistency are the keys to success.

According to the Toppers of 2016

The toppers of 2016 disclosed their success mantra and advised the current competitors to practice it and become one of them.

  • Learn to handle stress calmly and invest all your energy in the preparation to crack JEE Main.
  • Cover all the extra topics that you think Is not very important for the exam
  • Study for at least 4-5 hours daily for JEE preparation and also take out your time for other activities too to stay away from stress
  • Revise whatever you have prepared. Revision is very important as it seals everything in your mind.
  • Learn time management as it will help you to save your time during your preparation and examination as well.
  • Don’t stress, stay focused, and don’t leave any topic.