How to score 100% marks in Class 12th (Physics, Chemistry and Maths)

Preparing for board exam along with JEE Main is the biggest competition for every students. Everybody knows that board exam plays an important role for upcoming future. Focused preparation and consistently practice will give you success in the board exam. So in this article you will get complete information about how to score 100% marks in Class 12th along with JEE Main Preparation.

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As you all know; no body learn from their birth and no body have enough well known knowledge about all subjects. Every body have their own areas where they have good knowledge. Apart from this Candidates need a proper guidance and hard work for preparation which will promote them towards the success.

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Tips to score 100% marks in 12th board

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Don’t take stress while preparing

Every body takes tension and very nervous before the examination. If you take a little bit tension that will boost your preparation but if you make a habit of taking tension in every situation either it will be handlebar or not then it may affect your preparation.

Be positive

Always keep your self positive which is the key of success. If you have these type of property then it will build and increase your confidence level because you think that you can easily solve and get success in board exam.

Subject wise preparation

For English

  • Reading, reading and reading is the key of success. Try to complete your syllabus 2-3 times before going to give examination.
  • In NCERT books at the end of every topics a summary window; so try to evaluate yourself by this summary window.
  • For poem section you need to focus upon parts of speech. Try to improve your vocab skills and as well as writing skills.

100 Marks

For Accounting

  • Practice a lot of numerical question.
  • Try to solve last 5 year question papers because most of the time these question are directly asked in the examination.
  • Focus upon your calculation because it makes a big difference those who have good command over calculation can solve it easily.
  • Learn every single topics formula.
  • Try to remember theory of accounts.

For Mathematics

  • Practice, Practice, and Practice will give you the success in this examination.
  • Each and every time whenever you are are going to solve problem try to wrote down their methodologies, theorems and formulae applied in the problems.
  • Try to remember the basic understanding of the different models.
  • Before proceeding to prepare you need to review your mathematics syllabus.

For Physics

  • The only subjects which may be tougher as compared to others. Every body thinks that it is quite tougher. But I think by smart preparation you will easily tackle this subjects and it is very interesting subjects.
  • If you are not good in this subjects so try to prepare yourself for this subjects because if you may fail to prepare very well in this subjects it will affect your result.
  • Those who have not good numerical skills need to prepare Semiconductor, Atom and Nuclei, Dual nature of radiation, Communication System and EM Waves which carry 25 marks. Focus upon Optics which also carry 14 marks. Current and Electricity also contains 7 marks.
  • You need to focus upon previous year question papers which will give you the idea about the difficulty level of question papers.

For Chemistry

  • Need to prepare each and every topics.
  • Need to go through with NCERT books.
  • It is a scoring subject. Where 18 marks carry organic chemistry and 52 marks from the inorganic chemistry.
  • NCERT is enough to prepare for inorganic chemistry.
  • Last three chapters carry 10 marks which are from Biomolecules, Polymer and Chemistry.

For Business studies

  • As everybody thinks that it can be easily tackle but it is not easier as we think. Scoring 100 marks in this subjects is not easy. Usually students forget the topics after some time of the preparation.
  • Continuously practice will give you the key of success.
  • Note down the important points.
  • APPS (Advertising, Personal Selling, Public Relations ,Sales Promotion) Focus upon acronyms.

For Economics

  • Usually students try to learn it by heart or trying rote learning. So we recommend to all of you that don’t go with this approach and try to go with understanding of the basic concept.
  • Try to find out your weak areas and work upon those weak areas and improve them.
  • Select only one reference book and try to finish it atleast 2-3 times in a day.
  • Don’t try more than one books for preparation because it can create confusion; if you go through with more solution for a single subjects.

A part from this:

  • Completing syllabus on time will give the success that mean you win half of the game.
  • Don’t miss your regular classes, try to complete your projects, practicals and assignments on time which is assigned by you subjects teacher from your schools.
  • Always starts from the basics and go towards the advanced level. First complete a older topics then go with the news topics.
  • For numerical question always try to solve 5-10 questions every day.
  • Last three month is only for revision; don’t try to prepare a new topics on this time because you syllabus is too vast.
  • 90% question are directly asked from the NCERT books in the board examination.
  • On the examination day try attempt easier question first; once you solve all the questions whose answer you knows very well.
  • Those who have biology subjects need to practice more and more to draw florcharts, diagrams and cycles.