Organic Chemistry preparation tips for JEE Main 2018

In this article, you will get the full information about organic chemistry preparation tips for JEE Main 2018. As you aware of it is the only section where you can score well with respect to less amount of time. It is also not boring subject if you will take interest in organic chemistry. How can you wake up your interest towards organic chemistry then play with the reaction,

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How they reacted what happens when you use some reagents or reactants or more and you have good hands with Hybridization, Sigma & Pi Bonds, Isomerism, H-bonds, Carbo-cations, etc. Refer always NCERT books for preparation. Now I share the best tips for preparation:

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Organic Chemistry preparation tips for JEE Main 2018

UPES - Organic Chemistry preparation tips for JEE Main 2018

Don’t believe that it’s a tough topic

Most probably you will find that there are lots students live in your nearby who think this is the toughest topics in Chemistry. Always try to learn the thing from yourself which will give you confidence and your confidence grow more and moreOrganic Chemistry Preparation Tips

Try on focused learning

Don’t ever try memorization or rote learning at the of study. I have no idea why people think that memorization is a good idea. I saw many people who do not prepare entire the academic session and one night before the examination tries to memorization because they have not an option. Rote learning is the worst strategy for preparation.

Don’t try multiple books for preparation

If you go with one book and read all the reaction and mechanism after that you will go with another book then you will find some others reagents use their; you may highly confused which one do you believe.Which books should I go with is another important problems?

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Go with basic first

The basic idea gives you an advantage for preparing well in rest of organic chemistry but your basics should be good. You should have the good knowledge about Carbocations and their stability, inductive effect, mesomeric effect, resonance, nomenclature and many other basic concepts. Once you trying to go with advance organic chemistry but first you have to go through with lot of sample papers of basic organic chemistry.

Name reaction should be at you fingertips

Here I am sharing some top name reaction which you should have to remember for organic chemistry preparation. Name reaction are asked frequently from last few year.

  1. Sandmeyer Reaction
  2. Gattermann Reaction
  3. Balz-Schiemann Reaction
  4. Finkelstein Reaction
  5. Swartz Reaction
  6. Wurtz Reaction
  7. Fitting Reaction
  8. Wurtz – Fittig Reaction
  9. Kolbe’s Reaction
  10. Reimer- Tiemann Reaction
  11. Rosenmund Reduction
  12. Gattermann – Koch Reaction
  13. Stephen Reaction or Stephen Reduction
  14. Clemmensen Reduction
  15. Wolff – Kishner Reduction
  16. Haloform Reaction (Iodoform Reaction)
  17. Aldol Condensation
  18. Cannizzaro Reaction
  19. Friedel – Crafts Reaction
  20. Grignard Synthesis
  21. Esterification Reaction or Fischer Esterification
  22. Williamson Synthesis
  23. Diazotization Reaction
  24. Etard Reaction
  25. Hell – Volhard Zelinsky Reaction
  26. Decarboxylation Reaction
  27. Hofmann Bromide Reaction
  28. Gabriel Phthalimide Synthesis
  29. Coupling Reaction
  30. Carbylamine Reaction

Try to solve more and more problems

Once you try to solve more and more problems from the multiple books then you have the clear idea about the questions. It will help you for preparing organic part.

Solve the questions with the structural approach:

  1. Read the question carefully.
  2. When you reading the question, write a note of functional group that question talks about.
  3. Specify electrophilic and nucleophilic functional compound.
  4. Try to correlate the problem with previously were you seen it.
  5. Try to solve.


Revise theory on a regular basis. Why I am saying this because if you don’t have the habit of revision then you must forget the mechanism and reaction. An optimal solution is that make an optimal revision and point out the topic into a notebook which is important as per your point of view. Always remember or make a habit of daily revision.

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Attempt more and more question papers

Solving a lot of samples is a good habit because they will give you the brief idea about the question papers and the questions which will be asked in JEE Main?