NCERT is the bible for JEE Main Chemistry Preparation: Why?

CBSE is the conducting body of Class 12th Board and JEE Main examinations. The syllabus of both examinations are designed by the conducting authority itself hence the syllabus of JEE Main resemble the syllabus of CBSE Class 12th. NCERT books are the standard books to follow for the preparation of both examinations as they cover the whole syllabus. Here you will find that why NCERT is the bible for JEE Main Chemistry Preparation?

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But today with the vast availability of all types of sources for preparation it is been observed that students get confused and could not choose the right option. There are tons of publications in the market providing a variety of study materials to the aspirants claiming to bring them success. The CBSE official, all subject experts, and teachers recommend students to refer NCERT books for the preparation of Board and JEE Main examination. It has been observed that there were many questions in JEE Main examinations whose solution were hard to get in many study materials and were easily spotted in NCERT books.

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“Students often ask the very basic question Why NCERT is the bible for JEE Main Chemistry Preparation? The answer to this question is almost 60-75% questions in JEE Main Chemistry section are picked directly from NCERT Chemistry textbook“ stated a CBSE official. The one-liner questions are often picked from the paragraphs of the chapters and hence the students are instructed to thoroughly go through the entire chapter. NCERT Chemistry textbook is designed to give a strong foundation of chemistry to students.

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In the recent past, JEE Main chemistry section has many questions on topics like Organic and Inorganic Chemistry from NCERT Chemistry. Students shall refer NCERT textbook for board topics like Biomolecules, Polymers, Redox reaction, etc. as it has a very precise explanation of these topics with proper exercises. Questions given in NCERT textbooks are fewer than questions in many other books but they are structured to cover the entire syllabus.


NCERT Chemistry textbook is written in very easy language by the expert after intense research to make it convenient for the students of a different caliber to compete with the same intensity in JEE Main. To get a clear concept of each topic of chemistry it is recommended by the experts to study NCERT book, as it deeply covers the basics and fundamentals of all topics. It has a summary at the end of each chapter to revise the main concepts in minutes. Also, all the important topics are mentioned in boxes to give a quick overview of the entire chapter along with solved examples.

NCERT is the bible for Chemistry Preparartion 1 - NCERT is the bible for JEE Main Chemistry Preparation: Why?

NCERT books are undoubtedly referred as a core preparation guide of JEE Main as it forms the basis of the preparation. No matter which coaching the students join, what material they study, NCERT Chemistry textbook is a must-read for JEE Main Chemistry. Previous years toppers have suggested the current JEE Main aspirants should read every chapter of NCERT book for JEE Main as it is definitely necessary to crack the examination.


NCERT books contain little but everything needed unlikely the other textbooks with 700-1000 pages long. Students can never go wrong with NCERT Chemistry textbook. It is suggested by experts to read every word from the book and take note of it and once the book is completed revision should be done after every month or two. To get the best result it is recommended to revise the whole book at least 5 times before the commencement of JEE Main.