JEE Main Preparation Tips by Kalpit Veerwal (AIR 1)

Kalpit Veerwal topped JEE Main 2017 who has stated his success mantra as confidence, focus, and hard work. He has created a history by scoring 360 in JEE Main 2017 examination. The score has granted him the respect to be the first person to be able to score as much as 360 marks in total.
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Apart from holding AIR 1 in JEE Main, Mr. Veerwal has also stood first in NTSE exam. He has done his schooling from MDS Public School, Udaipur. Moreover, he enjoys music and playing cricket as his hobbies. He gives all the credit to his parents as well as teachers for all the support and encouragement, during his JEE Main preparation days.

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In simple words, his dedication, hard work and the fact that he enjoys studying have proven to be his mantras for his success in JEE Main 2017. We congratulate him on his success. Now, all the preparation tips shared by Kalpit Veerwal has been elaborated in this article itself. Students who are preparing for JEE Main 2019 can go through the tips shared by him, which might turn out to be helpful in some aspects.
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JEE Main Preparation tips

All the tips shared by Kalpit Veerwal is listed below:


Those who have a desire to improve their knowledge has the ability to crack any entrance examination. Desire has the ode to study with the dedication which leads to success. According to Kalpit, one must be consistent and regular with their preparations to achieve their goal.


Students who tend to be sincere towards studies are more likely to succeed in cracking examination. Sincerity clearly means attending all the classes with full concentration, practicing what has been taught and solving appropriate sample papers. They must target and later work to achieve. This way the chances to clear JEE Main 2018 examination increases.


Kalpit says that religiously following his teachers helped him with the preparations and after clearing the exam, he has given all the credits to his parents for constant support. Candidates must obey their teachers and clarify all their doubts as it comes to the mind so that there is no confusion.Kalpit Veerwal


Kalpit has disclosed his last month’s preparation strategy to help other students who are preparing for JEE Main 2018. He said, “As you know that board exams were scheduled to happen in March and JEE Main 2017 was scheduled to be held in April so I revised all my syllabus of class XII boards in November and once again in February. When one month was left I revised the entire syllabus from NCERT.”


Coaching is one of the major factors in determining the preparation of the entrance test. Whether or not to take coaching is one of the most important decisions that a student is required to make. Some students who have cracked IIT JEE exam earlier claims that they did not go for any coaching but talking about Kalpit, he says he has taken coaching from resonance. They did clear all his doubts, whenever required. Teachers at Resonance he claimed are supportive and helpful and gave him all the knowledge possible.


Mock tests and sample papers are quite important for students in the last days when all their preparations are almost covered. It gives them a core idea of the exam pattern and helps them gain confidence to attempt JEE Main examination. Adding more to this, Kalpit said,” My coaching institute used to organize tests every three weeks for my entire duration of two years. Apart from that in the last week, I solved JEE Main previous year’s question paper.”


Many books apart from NCERT have been prescribed to students preparing for JEE Main such as R.D. Sharma for Mathematics, Pradeep’s for PCM, H.C Verma to study Physics and suchlike. Moreover, the highest scorer has recommended few more books apart from NCERT for JEE Mains preparation. He said,” It’s not really required for JEE Main. While preparing for JEE Main, I studied from NCERT books and other fine author books like Resnick, Halliday and J.D Lee along with the study materials given by my coaching institute. For class XII boards, I studied from NCERT books and referred books from authors like HC Verma.”

After delivering all the above-mentioned tips Kalpit Veerwal holds a strong conviction for both who are able to clear JEE Mains exam and for those who unfortunately could not meet up to their goals. He quoted “I think confidence, focus, and hard work are the things that one should keep in mind while preparing and appearing for the exam. One should study regularly and follow your teachers’ advice. Be confident about yourself because it’s just an exam and if you don’t succeed, it’s not the end of life.”