JEE Main Preparation Plan for upcoming five months

For the preparation of JEE Main exam, it is not important to join a coaching institute or a preparation of 1 or 2 years, but a smart and strict study plan, it is easy to score 250 plus score in JEE Main just in 5 months of the Preparation. Here you will get the important JEE Main preparation plan for upcoming five months, how you need to go for upcoming months.

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The student must follow certain condition for getting 250 plus score in 5 Months.

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  1. Student should be familiar with JEE Main Syllabus.
  2. Student will have to know the difference between JEE Main and JEE Advance exam.
  3. Student should be focused and full of the confidence (I am best in the world).
  4. Student should know the boundary line (the difference between Main and Advance preparation).

LNMIIT 300x250 240x200 - JEE Main Preparation Plan for upcoming five months

It is very important to create a preparation plan as 5 month is a short period and cannot be considered as enough time for the normal preparation. Thus need arise to develop a smart approach and know our strength (Over weakness) and for this student will need a mind set that student can prepare for JEE Main 2018 in 5 months then no one can stop student from getting success in the upcoming exam.

JEE Main Preparation Plan

JEE Main Preparation plan for upcoming five months

Here we are discussing about the preparation tips:

Subject Priority for JEE Main 2018 Preparation

Student should work hard on chemistry and mathematics rather than physics, considering subject priority work on the factor of Input and output where input indicates the time spent on education and output indicates the knowledge student gain in that interval of time.

How to prepare Chemistry for JEE Main 2018

For Chemistry section student must follow the NCERT books (class 11 and 12) blindly. Student do not need to go anywhere apart from the NCERT books because these books are more than sufficient for JEE Main Exam. As per an analysis every year 90 percent question in JEE Main are taken directly from NCERT, thus student must focus on the NCERT books and revise them as much student can.

For the Physical and Organic chemistry numerical practice, a book named “Universal Self Scorer” is highly advised as for numerical practice it is JEE Main oriented book and the student must make short notes after the completion of every chapter for the revision time.

How to prepare Mathematics for JEE Main 2018?

For mathematics, every student should first and foremost build their basic concepts and focus on the derivation of the every concept because if student know the origin of every concept than student can solve those question which is asked from the basics and can handle each and every tricky question.

It is important to solve 5-8 questions daily from the previous chapters that student has completed before because by doing that the concepts from previous chapters always remain in student mind and create more time to revise the remaining chapters.

How to prepare Physics for JEE Main 2018?

Generally, students think that physics is the toughest section and it can’t be prepared completely. This is because physics works on chain system and if your basic concepts from every chapter (from class 11 and 12) are not clear then student will not able to understand the chapters completely.

Try to work hard on class 11 and class 12 chapters and try to link one chapter from other, by self-linking student will be able to solve numerical in JEE main exam.

For the JEE Main Physics Preparation use DC Pandey 5 set of Books for Theory and Numerical practice. Student can also solve the level 1 exercise from the every chapter of Concept of Physics by HC Verma. Solve the previous year papers of IIT JEE advance for getting the best score in JEE Main 2018.

So, guys, these are some facts and strategies which student can use in your JEE Main Preparation and get 250 plus score in only 5-month preparation.