JEE Main Maths syllabus: Important topics and Preparation tips

JEE Main maths SyllabusJoint Entrance Test, popular as JEE, is a premier engineering entrance test which is conducted by CBSE. The test is conducted in two phases, JEE Main and JEE Advanced. JEE Mains is the gateway to get admission in various NITs, IIITs and CFTIs. Toppers of JEE Main are selected for JEE Advanced and after clearing JEE Advanced they get admission into IITs. JEE Main Maths Syllabus described below broadly.

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JEE Main Maths Syllabus

JEE Main, thus, becomes a very important exam as not only it is necessary for getting admission into NITs and IIITs, but even if someone wants to qualify for JEE Advances, he/she has to score good in JEE Main. More than 12 lakh candidates appear for this exam every year and thus, the level of competition is huge. To clear this exam, candidates do need to do a lot of efforts.

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Mathematics is an important section for JEE Main as it occupies 1/3rd of the paper. So a candidate cannot even think to take this subject lightly. Let us take a look at syllabus and preparation strategy for Mathematics for JEE Main:
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JEE Main Examination Pattern

JEE Main examination pattern is quite simple. The test is held in both offline and online mode and candidates have to answer 90 questions in 3 hours. There are three sections, namely Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, each having 30 questions. Each question carries 4 marks and there is a negative marking of 1 mark for each incorrect answer.

For majority of courses the examination pattern is like as mentioned above. However, for B Arch course, the pattern is a bit different. For B Arch, JEE Main will have 50 questions on Aptitude and 2 on drawing and importantly, this paper will also have 30 questions on Mathematics. Timing and Marking Scheme will remain the same. JEE Main for B Arch is held in offline mode.

JEE Main Mathematics Syllabus

Syllabus for Mathematics under JEE Main is huge. But the majority of syllabus includes topics which a candidate has already studies. So candidates only need to increase the depth of their knowledge and need to solve higher level questions of concepts already studied. The syllabus for JEE Mains for Mathematics section in as follows:-

You can download the syllabus by click here: JEE Main 2018 Mathematics Syllabus    

Chapter No. of questions Expected Topics to be done
Sets, Relations and Functions 1 Sets, Representation of Sets, Intersection, Complement, Power Sets, Algebric Properties, Type and Composition of Functions
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations 3 Complex Numbers as ordered pair of reals, expression in a+ib form, argant diagram, algebra, modulus and argument of complex number, Quadratic equations – Roots and their nature
Matrices and Determinants 2 Algebra and Type of Matrices and Determinants, Properties, evaluation and area of triangle using determinants, Test of consistency and solution of Linear Equations using these two
Permutation and Combination 1 Basics of Counting, Meaning of P and C, Arrangement, Combination, Selection and Applications of concept
Mathematical Induction 1 Meaning and Application
Binomial Theorem 1 Theorem for Positive Integral Index, General Term and Middle Term, Properties and Applications
Sequence and Series 2 AP and GP, Insertion AM GM in two numbers, Relation between AM GM, Arithemetico Geometric Expression, Sum of Special Series
Limit, Continuity and Differentiability 1 Real Valued Fucntions, Algebra of – Functions, polynomials, rational, trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions, also derivatives up to order two. Application of Derivatives, Graphs of simple functions. Limits, continuity and Differentiability. Differentiation of Sum, different product and quotient of two numbers. Mean value theorem, Application of Derivatives
Integral Calculus 3 As Anti-derivative, Fundamental Integrals, Integration using trigonometric identities, Integral as limit of sum, fundamental theorem of calculus, Properties and evaluation by definite integrals, are of region enclosed
Differential Equations 1 Ordinary equations, their usage and degree, formation, solution by separation method, solutions of linear ad homogenous equations
Co-Ordinate Geometry 5 Cartesian system of rectangular co-ordinates in a plane, distance and section formula, locus and its equation, slope, intercept of a line, straight lines, circles and conic sections
3D Geometry 3 Co-ordinates of a point in space, distance and section formula, direction ratios and cosines, angle between two intersecting lines, shortest distance and equation, intersection of line and plane, coplanar lines.
Vector Algebra 1 Vectors and Scalars, components of vector in 2D and 3D space, sum of vectors, scalar and vector products and triple products
Statistics and Probability 2 Dispersion, Mean Median Mode, Variance and Mean Deviation, Probability, Basic addition and subtraction, Baye’s theorem, Bernoulli trials and Binomial Theorems
Trigonometry 2 Identities and Equations, Functions, Inverse Functions and Properties, Heights and Distances
Mathematical Reasoning 1 Usage of or, implies, implied by, if and only if, tautology contradiction, converse and contrapostitve.

JEE Main Mathematics Preparation Tips

One thing that is clear is that candidates will need to have deep conceptual knowledge of mathematic concepts, in order to solve the questions of JEE. Therefore, doing the syllabus properly, along with needed amount of practice is necessary. So here are some preparation tips for preparing for JEE Main Mathematics:

Start preparation at proper time

It’s very important that you give yourself time to prepare for JEE Main. If you want to prepare during your 10+2, then start preparation right from the start of session. And if you want to prepare after your 10+2 , then you should give a whole year to JEE Preparation, thus should start right after your exams. As syllabus is huge and deep understanding is needed, proper time needs to be devoted.

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Be good with basics

Before jumping on to high level questions, it is very important to be good at basics. So candidates, rather than cramming and mugging up formulae and shortcuts, should try to be good with basics. NCERT books are a great source for this purpose.

Do time based practise

Candidates must note down the time they take to solve each question. Solving a question correctly is good, but not at the cost of a lot of time. Therefore, focus should be on time based practice.

Identify strength and weakness

Now there will be many people who will suggest you to do ‘xyz’ topic, and other will suggest you to do ‘abc’ topic. However, the real secret is that you should yourself identify your weak points and strong points, and thus work collectively on them. It’s only you who knows where you are good and where you are not.

Give proper time to all subjects

Now this might seem unrelated to mathematics preparation, but it is very important to give time to all three subjects. Doing one subject all day might make you feel monotonous and may thus reduce your efficiency. Therefore, do study all three subjects every day to keep the rhythm correct.

Make a formula Sheet

Formula sheets might be available at many places, but it is very important that you make your own formula sheet, as you will be able to use it a better way. Also, things are easily traced back when they are prepared by us. Therefore, one should make his/her own formula sheet for Mathematics, rather than referring to someone other’s formulae.

Solve past year JEE papers

This tip might be written at the last, but probably this carries a lot of weightage in your preparation. Solving Past year JEE papers is a must as it introduces you to actual exam-like problems. Also, identify patterns and topics of most importance from these papers. This will take your preparation to next level.

JEE Main Mathematics Study Material

It is very important that one uses proper study material for preparing for JEE Main. Proper books and material expose to more type of topics and are a core part of your preparation. Here are some books which should be followed for JEE Main Mathematics:

Book Name Publisher/Writer
Class 11 and 12 Mathematics NCERT
JEE Main Complete Mathematics McGraw Hill
A MASTER Resource for Mathematics in JEE Main Praful K Agarwal
Objective Mathematics for JEE R D Sharma
Integral Calculus for JEE Main & Advanced Amit Agarwal
Differential Calculus for JEE Main & Advanced Amit Agarwal

The importance of this exam lies in its scope. There are a lot of colleges that grant admission under JEE Main and thus it becomes important that candidates studies for this exam properly. Studying all three subjects with balance is the key to get a good rank, thus candidates should follow a well made strategy for tackling this exam.