Revision Plan for JEE Main 2018

JEE Main 2018 is to be held in April. The offline exam is to be held on 8th April and the online exam is on 15th and 16th April.  But you of course know that if you are going to appear for it this year. With mid-February approaching, you have only a month and a half to give yourself a thorough revision before you sit for the JEE Main 2018.  In a way you have roughly 10-12 days to revise each subject namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Here is how you can find JEE Main Revision plan for the last 30 days:

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Revision Plan for JEE Main 2018

    • Time Management is the key to a good score.
    • Divide your day into three parts and keep time to revise for each subject.
    • You must be aware of your strong and weak areas by now.
    • The amount of time devoted into revising one subject should be proportional to your strength or weakness in that subject. Out of the 15 hours daily, divide your time in 7 hours for the subject you weakest at, 4-5 hours for the subject you have doubts and 3-4 hours for the subject you are strong at.
    • If you are equally worried and doubtful or confident about all three subjects, you might as well allot equal time for all three subjects.LNMIIT 300x250 240x200 - Revision Plan for JEE Main 2018
    • Practise MCQ’s, with 30 days remaining for the entrance, it’s safe to say you know all the concepts and theories by heart.  Practise as many MCQ’s possible and keep revising the theories of Physics and Chemistry.
    • This is a time for self study; hence it is advisable you give all your time to study yourself instead of relying on coaching classes, tuition’s, etc. But take the advice of your professors and faculty to identify the important topics relevant to this year’s exam.
    • Solve test papers and previous year papers relevant to JEE Main 2018 everyday to know where you have to spend your maximum time.
    • Note down the important topics and get an overview of the whole syllabus including standards 11th and 12th.
    • Follow a 70-30 percent rule to make your revisions. Identify the 30 percent of the syllabus that is most important and devote 70 percent of your time to revising those topics or portions of the syllabus.
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  • Revise on a rotational basis. It is very important to be able to recall what you revised the previous day. If you can recall it keep it for next week revision again. If you cannot recall what you revised yesterday, revised it the next day again. This way you will not forget or miss out the important portions of your syllabus.
  • You must have finished the NCERT books of 11 and 12 for all relevant subjects by now. It is time to pick the topics in a serial order or randomly as per your suitability to revise the concepts again.
  • Refer to RD Sharma for practicing your Mathematics. Keep a couple of hours every day to practice your maths. There is no better alternative to score in maths other than practicing.
  • Keep a notebook with theorems and concepts handy for referring to at any time you want.
  • Understand the concepts every time you revise it. Trying to cram in all the information will not be useful in the long run.
  • Revise the reactions in Chemistry. Practise the reactions on Organic Chemistry with total understanding.
  • Visualising what is happening while revising a concept in physics will help you retain the concept in your mind for a longer time. Revise the concepts again an again. Although you have limited time, segregate your important topics in physics and keep focus on them more than the comparatively less important ones.
  • Make sure to give at least two to three mock tests every day. If not at least one mock test every day. Keep a track of the tests to determine the areas you need to focus on while revising the next day.
  • Most importantly, stick to the plan!

Every individual has their way of revising and retention capabilities, it is important that you know yourself while planning your schedule. The points discussed above may or may not suit you, so take the best from it and follow your plan sincerely. Following is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that will be relevant for all and goes beyond the study hours allotted. What you do in your free time determines the ability to recall what you revised the previous day or previous week.

Revision Plan


  • Keep a calendar on your wall with your schedule mentioning the subjects that need immediate attention and the ones that you can keep for later.
  • Take a break between topics or subjects. Give your brain time to solidify the information you just revised.
  • Focus on self-study.
  • Have peer group to discuss any problems that you are unable to solve. Actively participate in solving any problem faced by any member of the group. Interaction will help with your retention of the topic discussed.
  • Stay healthy, exercise or indulge in physical activities. This will help in metabolism and allow free flow of oxygen in your brain so that you may have increased brain activity.

· Eat healthily. Don’t forget to eat because you are busy studying. You will need all the nutrition to make it through the next few weeks before your entrance.


  • Do not attempt to solve a new concept at this hour. There is no time or space for you to learn a new concept. Revise what you have already learned.
  • Do not resort to mugging. Understanding the concept will help with better retention.
  • Do not waste time trying to solve a lengthy question. Keep it short and swift.
  • It is best you detach yourself from the social media and your mobile phone now, knowing what your virtual friends did over the weekend will not help with your reality of appearing for JEE Main 2018.

Priorities your goals and work towards it collectively; results are bound to be agreeable. Don’t indulge in unnecessary tension as it may lead to panic attacks. A relaxed attitude and a calm but focused mind might prove to be beneficial at this hour.

All the best!!!!