Why is HC Verma Physics Bible for JEE Main Exam?

HC VermaDr. H.C. Verma’s book on concepts of Physics is the most popular book among JEE Main aspirants from over a decade. JEE Main Exam book comes in two volumes namely HC Verma Physics Volume 1 and HC Verma Physics Volume 2. The structure and content of Volume 1 of the book are aligned as per the Physics syllabus of class XI (as prescribed by CBSE) whereas Volume 2’s structure and content are aligned as per the Physics syllabus for class XII (as prescribed by the CBSE).

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The structure and content of Volume 1 of the HC Verma Physics are aligned as per the Physics syllabus of class XI (as prescribed by CBSE). Whereas Volume 2’s structure and content are aligned as per the Physics syllabus for class XII (as prescribed by the CBSE).

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The reason why the HC Verma Physics has gained such popularity among aspirants is its simple and lucid way of explaining complex concepts and providing real-life practical explanations of those concepts. The numerical provided at the back of each chapter and the solved examples push the reader to put on his/her thinking cap while deducing a solution.
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However, the one big question which every aspirant reading HC Verma Physics should ask himself/herself is that whether he/she is utilizing the book in a proper manner for cracking JEE Main or not?

Many of you will not be able to find the answer to this question as you might not know the parameters on which that decision has to be made. Well don’t worry here in this article we will try to help you out in figuring the right way of utilizing HC Verma Physics for your JEE Main preparations.

HC Verma Physics is for Conceptual clarity

The basic idea of Dr. H.C. Verma behind authoring this book was to help the Indian student grasp the actual concepts of Physics. While working as a lecturer in Patna Science College, Dr. Verma realized that the disparity of language (used by foreign authors) is leading the local Indian students to suffer a loss of time and left with half-understood concepts. Thus, through his book, Dr. Verma tried to provide an effective solution for explaining the concepts of Physics by relating them with local examples and practical solutions.

HC Verma Physics is not sufficient alone for cracking JEE Main Exam

Now, this might answer the most asked question related to the book. Though the book comes with loads of numerical to practice and forces you to go beyond the rote learning process depending solely on it to crack JEE Main is not a good idea. Candidates after going through previous year JEE Main papers would be able to understand the fact that the question asked in the exam are quite different from the one that are there in the book. Solving the questions in the book is a good idea but getting over-dependent on the book and thinking that you would be able to solve all the Physics questions in the exam based on your reading of the book is a misconception which needs to be done away with quickly.

So should you refer HC Verma Physics or not?

The answer to the question is a big yes. The reason behind this is that the book is quite effective in laying a concrete foundation so, as to help you develop a holistic understanding of the subject. The basic idea of the book is to develop the interest of the student in the subject while helping him grasp the concepts. The book serves its purpose to the fullest.

Once you are done with the reading of the book you should switch on to the next step that is solving previous years JEE Main questions and mock tests. While solving the tests you will realize that the conceptual clarity that you developed while reading the H.C. Verma book is paying you dividends in the face of speed and accuracy of solving the questions.

Relevant topics to study from HC Verma Physics for JEE Main

HC Verma Physics is unanimously considered Bible for JEE Main preparation. As mentioned earlier, questions in JEE Main question paper could be directly picked from the book if it was not so popular. However, it does inspire a lot questions that come. Let’s take look at the topic wise weightage from HC Verma in JEE Main

Topics Probability in JEE Main Difficulty Level
Motion in 1 Dimension Moderate Moderate
Motion in 2 Dimension High Moderate
Physics and Mathematics Low Moderate
Forces High Conceptual
Newtons Laws of Motion High High
Circular Motion Moderate Moderate
Work, Energy and Power Moderate Moderate
Center of Mass High High
Rotational Mechanics Frequently Asked Moderate to Difficult
Gravitation Rarely Asked Low
SHM High High
Fluid Mechanics High Low
Waves Moderate Moderate
Optics High Moderate
Heat and Thermodynamics Moderate Moderate
Electricity High High
Magnetism High High
Modern Physics High High

Interestingly HC Verma Physics was not prepared as a preparatory book for JEE Main or any other competitive entrance. Instead, this book was to be used as a reference for graduate studies. However, with advent time and desperation of students to study more, we stumbled upon this piece of a masterpiece by HC Verma.