JEE Main 2018: Check here scanned images format and other important details

As you know that JEE Main 2018 Application process has been started on 01st December 2018; there are various important information is required to fill in the JEE Main Application form. One of the most important information is uploading scanned images of your passport size photographs, signature with some other details.

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You can not upload these all information directly, here is some important guidelines to uploading them into application form. So through this article we are going to tell you the images format with dimensions.

Guideline for the scanned images

Scanned images

JEE Main 2018 Passport Size Photographs Guidelines

A candidates who are seeking to admission into the various courses from top engineering colleges all over India i.e. IIITs, NITs, CFTs should apply for JEE Main 2018. For filling JEE Main application form you need to take care of the the scanned images like Passport size photographs, signature. When you are going to upload photographs follow the below listed instructions:

  • A passport size photographs should be clicked recently with candidates name and date of taking the photographs.
  • The clicked photographs should be colored with blue and white background.
  • The clicked picture in straight format at a fixed camera with relaxed face.
  • If a iamges is clicked or it is blur. Blurry images is not accepted.
  • If a picture is taken by the camera with flashlight then make sure no “red eye/ shining eye”.
  • A candidates who wear specs  make sure that their is no reflection and their eyes should be clear.
  • A picture should be formal, and informal picture(like wearing hats, caps and dark glasses) are not accepted.  Make sure your picture should be clear.
  • Picture size should fall between 1 Kb to 40 Kb. Candidates make sure that the picture size must fall under this guidance, once picture size should not fall under this format the will be rejected by the CBSE.
  • Picture dimension should fall under 3.5 cm(height)* 4.5 cm(width).
  • Only JPG and JPEG Format are accepted.
JEE Main 2018 Photo Specifications
Dimensions 3.5cm X 4.5cm
Format JPEG
File Size 4kb to 40kb
Preferred Background White

Sample of Scanned Photographs:

Scanned Photographs

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JEE Main 2018 Signature Guideline:

Here you will get the detailed information about the JEE Main 2018 Signature guidelines.

  • Only candidates signature/ father/mothers/guardian will be accepted. The authority matched these signature at examination time, when they will come for verification or for attendance.
  • Signature will be accepted if it has to be done by blue and black ink pen.
  • The dimension size should fall under the 3.5cm(width)*1.5cm(height).
  • File size should be fall under the 1kb to 30kb.
  • Signature should be done in the white background.
  • Signature should be into the running hand.
JEE Main 2018 Signature Specifications
Dimension 3.5cm X 1.5cm
Format JPEG
File Size 1kb to 30kb
Signature Background White
Style Running Hand

Sample of Scanned Signature:

JEE Main Scanned Signature

Thing’s to be do’s or don’ts for JEE Main 2018 photographs and signature uploading

There are some aspects which you must keep into your mind while filling JEE main 2018 Application form:

  • Applicants need to be done signature in the presence of Invigilator, across photograph in attendance sheet.
  • Students need to carry one additional copies of photographs to submit it to invigilator at examination time.
  • The photographs should be in formal dress. Not with wearing hat, cap and sunglasses.
  • Specs are allowed to those who use them regularly.
  • If the photographs polaroid will move towards rejection.
  • It is advised to students make sure that you need to upload the photographs into the given box which is provided under the JEE Main Application Form.
  • Writing full name in capital letter will not accepted in the given format.
  • Doing this all thing will lead you towards the cancellation of the application form.

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Guideline at the time Scanning photographs and signature:

When you will go to scan your photographs, signature (students/parents) keep some necessary point in your mind:

  • Fix the scanner resolution to 200 Dpi and scanned them into them color format.
  • Select the file size same as announced by the CBSE which is mentioned above.
  • Crop the image of photograph and signature from the corner then again crop them images by the image croper for final submission(as mentioned above).
  • The image format should be in JPEG/JPG.
  • Candidates can check also the dimension and size of the photographs.

Procedure how to upload photographs into the JEE Main Application Form:

  • Three different link for uploading passport size photographs and Signature.
  • Click on the browse button which is mentioned in front of passport size photograph, Candidate Signature, and Guardian Signature.
  • When you click on the browse button then appear a new window and select the file location from where you want to upload those photographs.
  • Then click on that file and click on open button.
  • Then click on upload button.

Latest Application Form Available

  • Apply Online for B.Tech from Manipal University. Click Here

How to upload them see the video till the end