Important topics to be prepared for JEE Main 2018

It is the largest engineering entrance exam in India for admission into the various IIIT’s, NIT’s and CFT’s. Huge number of aspirants appear for this exam every year therefore, it is a challenge to crack JEE Main 2018. The key to crack this exam is full dedication and concentration with the right approach. So every aspirant wants to know what are the important topics from the exam point of view.

Whenever you start preparing, you need a proper time-table. Once you prepare your plan then your first step is to go through the JEE Main Syllabus; When you are reviewing the syllabus you may also try to find-out those topics which are really important for JEE Main 2018 and need to be prepared.


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Why is it important?

If you are going with vast and wide topics which are not important for JEE Main point of view, you are wasting your time. Also, you are leaving those topics which are really important which can affect your result.

Some questions/topics are those, which you don’t understand but you have to be prepared for them too.


So If you try to follow the experts then they will suggest you to not leave any topic and prepare them according to their weightage.


Some of the questions asked by students to experts through different forums are as follows:  



  • What are the important topics for JEE Main according to the weightage?
  • What are the important topics to be prepared for JEE Main 2018?
  • I prepared only one year, can you suggest some important topics which must  come into the exam?
  • Which topics should I focussed more to crack JEE Main 2018 with good score?



So once you analyze all the questions you will get what everyone wants to find-out what are the important topics for JEE Main 2018?


Now I am discussing some important topics for every subject i.e.


Important topics for Physics in JEE Main & Advanced 2018:

Once you go through the JEE Main 2018 Physics Syllabus you will find 20 chapters there, out of 20 you have to spend good amount of time with these given 10 chapters as compared to others.



  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Gravitation
  • Electrostatics
  • Current Electricity
  • Heat Transfer
  • Electromagnetic Induction, Waves & Sound
  • Geometrical Optics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetic Theory of Gases
  • Rotational Dynamics



Basic concepts you need to know, these questions generally carry 1 mark each


  1. Units and Dimensions
  2. Measurement of Errors
  3. Vectors


Fundamental concepts which carry 2 marks each


  1. Kinematics
  2. Newton’s Laws of Motion
  3. Friction


Easy topics which can help you to score good marks in JEE Main 2018


  1. Work, Energy and Power
  2. Electrostatics
  3. Current Electricity
  4. Wave Optics
  5. Ray Optics


Absolutely important questions which carry 2-3 marks each


  1. Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision
  2. Rotational Dynamics
  3. Simple Harmonic Motion
  4. Fluid Mechanics
  5. Wave Motion and String Waves
  6. Magnetism
  7. Heat & Thermodynamics
  8. Nuclear Physics
  9. Modern Physics

Important topics for Mathematics in JEE Main & Advanced 2018:

Mathematics is the only subject where you can score well. If you want to pursue engineering degree from any recognised university, you need to clear your own maths fundas. By doing continuous practise you can make yourself a master of mathematics. Smart approach and continuous practise you can get success in this section.


Topics which carries 1-2 marks from the fundamental section


  1. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  2. Circles and Family of Circles
  3. Sequence and Series


Topics which are easy and important, you should use them to improve your score


  1. Applications of Derivative
  2. Limit and Continuity
  3. Matrices and Determinants
  4. Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines


If you are in practise and attempting 4 to 6 question from each section you will become the maths master.


Topics carrying 2-3 questions are also very important


  1. 3-D Geometry
  2. Probability and Statistics
  3. Vector Algebra
  4. Integration
  5. Complex Numbers
  6. Parabola
  7. Trigonometric Ratios


Topics which you have to go through once during preparation


  1. Logarithms
  2. Quadratic Equations
  3. Theory of Equations
  4. Sets, Relations and Functions
  5. Differentiation
  6. Permutation and Combination
  7. Binomial Theorem
  8. Locus
  9. Hyperbola
  10. Ellipse
  11. Fundamentals of Mathematics
  12. Solution of Triangle


Topics that were asked previous year JEE Main/Advanced


  1. Coordinate Geometry
  2. Continuity/ Differentiability, Limits
  3. Complex No., Quadratic Equation
  4. Integral Calculus
  5. Sequence and Series
  6. Trigonometry


Important topics for Chemistry in JEE Main & Advanced 2018:

This is also a vast section for preparation but this is the section where you need only conceptual learning because once you have all the knowledge about the concept, you are able to solve all the questions in minimum amount of time. This section is fully dependent on your accuracy and speed. You can save your time by solving it fast and minimum amount of time. The time you saved from here you can utilize it for others sections.


  1. Chemical Bonding & the periodic table
  2. Carbonyl Compounds & their derivatives
  3. Redox reactions, Mole Concept & the concept of equivalents
  4. Solid state, solutions & gases theory
  5. Thermochemistry & the Second Law of Thermodynamics


Topics which carry 1-2 marks from the fundamental section

  1. IUPAC Nomenclature
  2. Periodic Table
  3. Chemical Bonding


Topics which are easy and important, you should use them to improve your score

  1. Mole Concept
  2. Coordination Chemistry
  3. Alcohol, Phenols and Ethers
  4. p-Block element

Topics carrying 2-3 questions and also absolutely important

  1. Atomic Structure
  2. Gaseous State
  3. Hydrocarbons
  4. Aldehydes and Ketones
  5. d & f Block Elements
  6. General Organic Chemistry

Topics which you have to go through once while preparing


  1. Chemical Equilibrium
  2. Ionic Equilibrium
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Hydrogen and its Compounds
  5. s-Block Elements
  6. Isomerism of Organic Compounds
  7. Environmental Chemistry
  8. Solid State
  9. Chemical Kinetics
  10. Electrochemistry
  11. Solutions
  12. Qualitative Salt Analysis
  13. Alkyl Halides and Aryl Halides
  14. Carboxylic Acids and their derivatives
  15. Amines
  16. Biomolecules
  17. Polymers
  18. Metallurgy
  19. Surface Chemistry
  20. Chemistry in Everyday Life


Topics that were asked in previous year JEE Main/Advanced

  1. Transition Element and Coordination Chemistry
  2. Periodic Table and Representative Elements
  3. Gaseous State
  4. Atomic structure
  5. Amines
  6. Solution and Colligative Properties
  7. General Organic Chemistry
  8. Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives
  9. Hydrocarbons
  10. Carbohydrate, Amino Acids and Polymer


These are all the important topics to be prepared for JEE Main 2018 & JEE advanced 2018. Once you go through or follow these topics, you will find success and score well in JEE Main 2018.

How to prepare for JEE Main 2018?